How to be a feather in a world of cyber elephants?

I am afraid we are facing a delicate period in our society, when two things are strongly happening, affecting our power of creation or creativity.

  • The overabundance of digital information is collapsing our brains.

But on the other hand, we are enabled of turning off digital-networking platforms if we work with innovation. We know if we wait one more day we will be obsolete. That’s why it is so important to embed strategically in current initiatives and different actors such as organizations, universities, etc. But the “others” should also change the switch of how to build an inclusive co-design.

  • Lack of ethics in running ideas is every day more visible.

It is more important how much famous I’ll get with the idea instead of the purpose or potential impact in our society. We are not getting good in sharing or co-design recognizing the importance of the inspiring surrounding. Understanding surrounding as people, living organism, elements, etc. The dance of NDAs (non-disclosure agreement) for protecting intellectual property is getting more common every day. Should we be taught better in respecting others? The truth is we are not good in the action of involving. But we need to be good!


How to be a feather in a world of cyber elephants? As the founder of KREATIV, I would suggest: find your individual action, your inner motivation or mission and make it real through building the brand of your company. Ask yourself: what is the present will you deliver to people through the collaboration? Build a brand NOT a face of consumption!


KREATIV works with 3 main principles; first, we support an ethical co-design based on transforming the way of a typical brainstorming workshop is conceived since we work an impact one by one consolidating deeper relationships with who we work, understanding their life goals not only professionally. Second, promoting pluralism and diversity instead of focusing on elitist networking of professionals or companies and third, we love of creating colorful platforms between our company and people or organizations which fit with our purposes. Finally, this is what we do in KREATIV: connecting people to design cities!.


Thank you for reading. I hope I am useful for the audience.


I look forward to hearing from you as always!


Janet Bacovich 2019.