We are an architecture company and we believe that ideas can improve the social integration in public spaces and interaction in the city.

KREATIV as an incubator of ideas focuses on the fields of architecture, urbanism, product design and technological design. The company was established in 2017 in Copenhagen – HQ, Denmark under the creative direction of the founder Janet Bacovich. Her partners Nicolas Cooper based in Chile are in charge of Innovation and Jorge Bacovich leading business development.

For us, KREATIV is a cooperative of inventive and knowledgeable professionals who have their senses and heart open to the world.

Our value is about creating solutions in all scales of architecture from urban planning, to buildings and public spaces. We believe is extremely necessary to work dialoguing from different approaches to have an integral design. We therefore measure our projects on a KREATIV human scale despite working in a city planning scale.

It is our aim to collaborate with professionals, NGO, private companies and public sector to integrate new ideas into our agenda. We pursue intensively in resolving new cities challenges with an inclusive design objective. Our premise is all the ideas can become a smart solution to improve our social integration in our cities. That’s why we are always supporting new ideas and connecting people to design cities.